About Dronoisium

I started this project "Dronoisium" in 2011. I intend to explore several kind of electronic drone, from Harsh Noise Wall to Etheral Atmospheric Ambient Drone. I released the fisrt album of dronoisium " L'énergie du soleil noir " in May 2013. I described it as Dark Symphonic Drone from the Black Sun. Since, several tracks were released on their own or as a part of an album. They were made using differents electronic devices, analogic and digital. You can find those albums on the bandcamp page of Dronoisium.

A special selection of Dronoisium Videos

Pulsations-001 ( Short Version )

This is the video for the short version of "Pulsations-001"

dronix-1 - 130818 - dronoisium

A sunset somewhere in France in the summer 2013.

Neon-obsession [ HYPER-TRIP ] ParasitE

A fixation in the toilets of a fastfood...

Etrange Créature

Encounter with a strange creature in the nature ...


An exploration of a wasteland....


A sonic exploration by robomatix rebirth....


This is the video for the original version of "Pulsations-001"

More videos of Dronoisium on Vimeo


"Seul" is the tile of the next album of Dronoisium... Almost all the tracks has been recorded. I used a Volva FM, a Hall of Fame and a H4N for those. All the tracks of this album of dronoisium will be Enhanced and Mastered by Bombersfetish...

Here is the first video made for this al bum. The music is straight out my H4N.

Many thanks to fleshware for letting me use his image.